I have always wanted to be a small business owner when I grew up. 

I wanted to be a successful sustainable business owner, like my dad. He was always able to arrange his schedule around the events of the children. I noticed and liked that flexibility. That meant late nights to finish up work that would be missed the next day as he traveled to a field hockey game or taking some work on our summer beach trip. None the less, I saw it as a win-win situation.

If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, right?

Work for me has always meant getting paid for loving what you do. I find joy and freedom in this definition of work. The years of corporate work I can say I did love what I was doing at the time and learned so much. It was a natural transition to move from corporate to the business owners to support them in bringing their ideas to life! It brings great joy to be able to support both my family at home and the clients who become my extended family.

My Story

My experience throughout my 12+ years in corporate America has been about understanding user requirements and translating those into technical processes.  Which translates into seeing the bigger picture and then breaking it down into a project or process to meet the objective(s). My passion for organizing and meeting people where they to take them where the team needed to go, propelled me through the ranks to implementation manager. While supporting larger corporate initiatives has taught me well, I have found I can make more impact working with the business owners and their ideas that serve so many others.

Off the work grid.

Off the work grid, creativity is my jam! Whether it is visually catching a texture, snapping a photograph of something that has captured my current mood or I am getting paint on my hands as I transform a blank white canvas to a colorful mixed media piece layer by layer. In total, I have been moving through each transformation in my life learning or completing a new creative project. 

I am also thankful to be a wife as well as a mother to one beautiful miracle daughter. I love listening to music as it inspires me and allows for frequent dance parties with my daughter. Playing games and creating memories for Delaney is a top priority for me. Currently she is expressing herself via her voice and love for singing and performing. However, many of her artful masterpieces are all around our home for beauty and inspiration.

I choose joy and gratitude every day. I look for the positive in every situation and encourage others to do the same. There cannot be enough positive in this world. My happiest place is on the beach, I especially enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina the most.