Move through the fog towards your vision!

I was navigating myself through the back roads to my rural home last night and it was quite scary! There were times where the wet pavement and fog created a scene like I was driving on water. Other times the fog was so thick I thought I would just have to stop my travels and wait for the weather to change. I proceeded with extreme caution and made it home safely, whew.

I realized this is what it has felt like over the past five years for me. A feeling like there was a bigger picture or vision but not realizing how to reach that vision. I look back and see that it was a journey that included totally putting on the brakes and resigning to the current state feeling like someday I would figure it all out. Other times I recall pushing, pushing and pushing some more to try and define my vision or align it with the current circumstances only to find out that was not really the vision I had in my heart. I also remember taking very cautious baby steps to feel out some ideas that seemed to refine my vision only to realize they too were just not right.

Then I began to focus more on the journey and journaling my way through this fog that seemed to settle even though I continued with an outwardly appearing successful life. I was introduced to the Journaling By The Moonlight process by Tina M. Games and realized that this was a journey and taking notice of the various events allow me to connect the dots. I realized how important this journaling had been to defining, refining and aligning my vision so when she released the option to become a facilitator in the Journaling By The Moonlight process I was able to notice how it fit into my vision and began working with her closely on my own journey through the process.

Through the self-discovery process it was beautiful to remove the layers of 'shoulds' and other expectations and realize the light that shined inside was that of a creative visionary. I get and give energy when I am speaking to someone and identify what their vision is even if they do not yet see it. Something I do every day with people turns into being my gift and purpose to the world.

How would you feel to be able to uncover your vision and realize your highest potential?
I believe that we all have a vision of what we want out of our lives and that we can take steps instantly to begin to make the vision reality. I am on a mission to support as many people to see, feel and live their visions today - removing someday from our vocabulary. That is why I put together an introduction to journal writing and vision work with Uncover Your Vision By The Light Of The Moon. During this 90 minute activation session we will define:

  • What vision you are seeing for yourself and want to bring to light.
  • How you vision wants to come to light.
  • Why it is important to bring this vision into light this year and the impact that it will make.

If you are ready to clear the fog and gain clarity around your vision that could transform your life like mine, I would be honored to work with you. Even if you have your vision but feel it needs to be refined or aligned again please consider this workshop. I would also be glad to discuss more about visioning and can be reached at

10 Ways to take it easy + be productive through the Holidays.


Unplugging is best but if you are like me and want to seize some of the down time to keep the momentum going into 2015 checkout these 10 tips. They are actually planned so you can do one a day for the last two weeks of December! 

  1. Complete your year in review for business and personal life.

  2. Make a list of all the people you want to connect with in 2015 for potential collaborations. (Dream BIG here.)

  3. List the five words you would want to see in testimonials this year?

  4. When will you take time off next year? (Think about weddings, vacations, new addition to the family, a business conference.) Put those in your calendar now!

  5. Update your 'About' section on your website now that you have an additional year of experience!

  6. Make sure all your social media bios have your current website link.

  7. Declutter your email; file, delegate or delete.

  8. Create an accountability plan. Learn more with this FREE give-a-way!

  9. Create your networking follow-up template to be used after each networking event in 2015 because fortune is in the follow-up!

  10. Send a private or direct message of thanks to the social media followers that engaged with you most to thank them for that support.

Whether you do these now or save them for your early January kick-start they are great quick activities that will get you moving forward into the prosperous New Year we all desire!
What productive activities do you save for the slower Holiday months?


Kaira is creative with a side of business. She encourages clients to be bold with their ideas and move them into implementation. With a mission to support businesses as they move from surviving to thriving she provides the motivation and detailed action plan to get stuff done. Are you ready to go bold? Schedule a get acquainted call now.

Why a Creative + Practical Business Plan Retreat?

Why a Creative + Practical Business Plan Retreat?

Coming from a past with the limiting belief that there is ‘either, or’ and longing for more ‘and’ possibilities in my life, I came up with the best of both worlds when putting together a recent business plan. Much of the goal setting or business planning I have done in my past has be bone dry boring. That is one of the many reasons I have not really stuck with my goals or plans because they didn’t really motivate me. Instead it was just filling in a template to check the box and say I did it followed by why am I not doing what I said I would be doing?
In searching for more ‘and’ possibilities, I have realized that I have a unique ability to bring together organization and creativity, also known as, an organized creative.  This has prompted me to create tools and templates that put together a creative and practical business plan that anyone would love to stick with throughout the year. 

Small Business Saturday - 11/29 and Beyond


Ideally small businesses will get support all through the year. Realistically, they are highlighted but once a year on Small Business Saturday. American Express created this day and it is nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the busiest shopping season of all.

Why do you want to promote Small Business Saturday? Small businesses and their owners provide much of the economy growth and employment in the United States. The Small Business Adminstration provides a great summary based on numbers reported as of March 2014. The most revealing statistic being that small businesses accounted for 63% of the new job growth from 1993-2013. When you shop small and even local you create jobs for those in your community.

The process to promote your business and be featured on the Shop Small American Express Website has become super easy. If you are in business I recommend you participate in the free option for two reasons, the pre-populated marketing materials, like the photo on this post and the map location which will help raise your visibility. Anytime you can get your business name on the web you are enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) and Google rank. There are additional options for participation and promotion if you decide to invest money into this campaign. We are a week away from the 2014 Small Business Saturday so the free promotion may be all that is needed for this year.

Now for some ways to support small businesses beyond the one day promotion.

  1. Invite them to speak to your organization. This allows them the opportunity to expand their network of potential business partners, customers or clients. Plus you get the credit for adding value to your group or organization.

  2. Refer them when you hear someone may need their product or service. If you are not sure exactly what to listen for ask them what are the buzz words so you can instantly connect them with the referral. Take a picture of their business card so you can text or email it immediately, you don't want to have to remember to do it later, right?

  3. Ask the small business owner throughout the year who they are looking to connect with and search through your networks to see if you have a connect direct or possibly once removed.

  4. Buy their products or services throughout the year.

  5. Share their social media updates.

  6. Read their articles or blog posts and leave comments.

  7. Attend events they host and bring a guest to add more people to their network.

  8. Forward sales or coupon notifications to your networks.

  9. Invite them to your network meetings as a guest.

  10. Offer to be an accountability partner so they can keep things moving in their business as well as have someone to bounce ideas off of and reduce the lonely feeling that many small business owners encounter.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of how you can boost the prominence of small business and keep them as the important part of the community and economy as a whole. Are you a small business owner, can you share some of the help you recieve from your network in the comments below?

As The Small Business Whisperer I help business owners who struggle growing their income, reach and visibility to make more money, save time and run their business with less effort. I work with them to create these strategies from an internal stand point and often include the items noted above when reaching out with their strategic partners. If you would like to get aquainted please use my online scheduling tool so we can see where you are ready to grow your business.

Beat Procrastination in 5 Steps

Beat Procrastination in 5 Steps

Are you in this place often or perhaps right now?

“I have so many ideas not sure where to start so I am not going to start anything!”
“I know what I am supposed to be doing but I am still not doing it?”

Is this sense of overwhelm stopping you dead in your tracks? Yes, you might be running your day to day business enough to get by but there is an uneasy feeling that things can’t continue this way.

Procrastination has come to pay you a visit in the form of overwhelm. Beat procrastination with these 5 steps.

Harness Your Creative Energy To Build Business

Harness Your Creative Energy To Build Business

Creative people are always thinking of new project ideas. It can feel like one project is never complete before the next one gets started. Don't stop that natural tendency instead check out how to keep your natural flow of ideas and use them for good, fresh business growth!

Websites and Mobile Apps for Business – The Basics

Websites and Mobile Apps for Business – The Basics

As business moves more and more into the digital world, knowing where to begin can be difficult. Websites and mobile apps are becoming increasingly important, but how do you go about getting one? Why do some people have free websites while some pay to have theirs built? When is it a good idea to build a mobile app? Here’s a quick guide to the basics of websites and mobile presence for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Writer's Block Be Gone

Writer's Block Be Gone

Writers block seems to be a nuisance for many recently as there has been an uptick in questions to me on this topic. In one off circumstances, I have been providing tips and tricks to move beyond writers block and create the content that will capture the most engagement.

In supporting everyone else, I have felt a bit of writers block come on myself.  To burst through the wall I figured it would be best to collect the tips and tricks I share with others so I too can move through this stuck in the mud place.

Social Media Engagement 101

Social Media Engagement 101

The Small Business Whisperer takes a look at how we can replicate what we know so well about offline egnagement in our online engagement. Strengthen the foundational understanding of engagement to ensure positive productive future engagement with your fans and followers.

Collaboration - What is it good for?

Collaboration - What is it good for?

There are many ways to work with others, and creating those strategic partners is important. The following is a list of ways to collaborate which can bring the sense of team we often lack as entrepreneurs.

7 Quick Hits to Getting More Likes for Your FB Business Page


When looking to up your “likes” on FB always keep in mind your own personal reasons for liking other business pages.  If you are just playing a numbers game going by the rule of reciprocation, “I’ll like yours if you like mine” like you did when you were in school that is all you will get.  How frustrating is it to just be liking pages and requesting other likes in addition to all the other work in your business as well as providing content to those that have liked in hopes that maybe just maybe you are going to get a super fan that converts to a sale!  Whew…no wonder many business owners feel that social media is too hard and in general overwhelming for the returns on their time and talent.

Instead, let’s make sure we are in the game of extending our brand by attracting a loyal group of followers that keep us top of mind and have a great sense of who we are what we do as business owners because of how and what we share on our FB Page.

These quick 7 tips will be sure you are in the position to get more views on your FB Page and convince them to give you an opportunity to relate with you.

1)      Engage in other areas of FB not just your personal and business page to gain more exposure.

2)      Include your FB Page Link in your email signature.

3)      When connecting on other social media platforms share your FB Fan Page for additional ways to stay in touch.

4)      Include FB Page Name on business cards

5)      Include FB button on website to make connection on FB simple.

6)      Directly invite friends that would be truly interested in your business to like your page.

7)      Make sure your profile is complete so people are informed and know what they are liking.

Quickly get these items in place so you are ready for phase 2, The Strategic Steps to Getting More Likes for FB Business Page.

To more quality likes on your business page!


Ready, Set, Launch!

Welcome to The Small Business Whisperer Blog where you will find information about your small business presented in a fun motivational way.  

I will be sharing tips and tricks that I have used myself or collected during research for clients. I am so glad that all the pieces of starting my business have come together and can be shared in this forum and through various social media outlets.

Small Businesses are the way of the future so let's work together to achieve more. 

To your continued business growth,