I am an Artist, Watch me!

I am an artist Headshot.jpg

All in, I was going ALL in! Yes, all in as an artist who will be producing work that people will relate to and love so much they will want to purchase! 


I was going to put myself out there as an artist and go big!

This was the pumped up feeling I had as I was discussing my very strong desire to move towards the pull of the heart and soul strings of being an artist. Finally satiating the creative threads that weaved in and out of my life from a child into being a parent and seeing the same creative thread run through my daughter.

That energy fueled me to take some massive action and move toward that which called me. 

I settled in and got comfortable with my good friend Google. I bet we have that in common, going to Google to get the 411 we need right that very instant!

The search box quickly was filled with information on taking your art to the public sector or let’s be real, it looked more like ‘how to make money with your art’?

Hello vague sweeping techniques and strategies. Not helpful!

Next step, look at the website for art shows I grew up going to and see what it takes to be an artist in their shows.

There it was Arts in the Park, Richmond, VA! This was the art show I grew up going to and always dreamed would be on the other side showing and sharing my art. Having conversations with the patrons as they strolled the grounds of the Carillon. Only now that show was over 400 artist strong!

Insert deflation number one…the deadline had just passed a couple of weeks ago to enter into this juried art show. However, I still had a little air and inspired action in my so I followed the directions that said to call if after call for artist date as there just may be a spot! 

Deflation number two…it went straight to voice mail. With the last bit of inspiration I had left I mustered up a voice message to share my connection with the location and that I understood if all spots were taken but giving it one last shot.

No reply for a bit and so I marked my calendar for the call to artist close date for the 2017 show and thought cool, I have something to work towards!

Well the Universe had a different plan and this one was a good one because I am an artist!

I received a return voicemail about two or three weeks after my voicemail for the show organizer. However, the voicemail was for another art who, you guessed it was accepted to the juried art show! Congrats my fellow artist. 

But wait, she didn’t get to hear that good news because it was on my phone. What’s an aspiring artist who is all about treating others as she wants to be treated to do?
Did you guess it correctly?

Yes, I return the call to the art show organizer to advise of the mix-up because I am an artist. Well turns out she had talked with the selected artist and just had mixed up our names and numbers. Quickly the call turned to me and I was interviewed right on the spot for a possible opening in the show!

Due to the massive snow storm the registrations from past artists were a bit slow coming in and so she just may have had room. So on the call I’m thinking on my feet and answering questions like what is my production plan, what price point, how is my work unique and how can she see it while we were on the phone?

Thankfully, I had some art adorning my self-discovery work on my website that did the trick! I mean one of my most popular pieces was on the world wide web for her to see and she loved it! She said it was different from what she had coming to the show and that the price points I had were great!

I was in, further confirmation that I am an artist!

I was in my first juried art show only three weeks after making a decision, defining how I was going to go about the work and then doing the work!

WOW my first art show with more than one piece and it was a juried art show, wow wee!

The learning didn’t stop there as I followed through with accepting the invitation to be in the show and all the logistics that were required to actually make the show happen.

However, this part is the most inspiring and the part of the story that fuels me as I go after other dreams, goals and desires.

Now it’s your turn, as a creative where can you decide you’re ready to go after what you want, define what action is required and then do the action outlined?

I’d love to celebrate this with you as a fellow creative so please feel free to share with me via email, kaira@kairainc.com.