Collaboration - What is it good for?

As an entrepreneur we often have time alone. This is not so bad right?  After all, we wanted to call all the shots and make all the money. However, we can often feel lonely and have the desire to brainstorm, bounce ideas off someone else, get a second pair of eyes on our work, or share the highs or lows of the day.

There are many ways to work with others, and creating those strategic partners is important. The following is a list of ways to collaborate which can bring the sense of team we often lack as entrepreneurs.

  • Guest blog post
  • Guest on a podcast
  • Co-Create Teleseminar/Webinar/Google+ Hang Out on Air (G+HOA)
  • Co-Author a book, workbook, eBook, eZine
  • Present at a local business that compliments your ideal client profile
  • Write an article for an eZine
  • Request Guest Posts on Your Blog
  • Request Guests on your Podcast
  • Create Free a Challenge for a goal you are working on
  • Offer a complimentary product/service of a colleague with your services

None of the above require a long term commitment so you can keep your autonomy as a business owner but they do offer time to work together and get energized by the other colleague. There are numerous other benefits that include cross promotion, more exposure for Google, and an increase in your know, like and trust (KLT) factor.  Additionally, your collaboration can inspire others and therefore continue the benefits of collaborating even more.  For example, check out how this guest blog post was a result of my collaboration with Lisa Alexander|The Marketing Stylist® and sharing about that collaboration.  For additional collaboration support check out the podcast by The Marketing Stylist and I, The Small Business Whisperer.

My biggest joy continues to come from the collaborative work I have completed.  I have always enjoyed the team aspect.  Even as the leader, I prefer to have a team to support.

Choose one of these 10 collaborative tools to implement next week and let me know the outcome.  You will be amazed at how collaboration can move you forward in your goal to grow your business.

Now go and grow your business!  -Kaira