5 Quick Tips for Proper Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Disgrace

1. Avoid inappropriate hashtag hijacking!
When selecting a hashtag (#) to use with your social media posts please be sure to research its meaning.
What NOT to do: #whyistayed was quickly used by DiGiorno Pizza to get noticed because it was trending. However, they used it to say they stayed because you had pizza. This was found in poor taste because #whyistayed was being used for the domestic violence topic that was being highlighted based on the Ray Rice events.

2. Don’t repeat your post text in your image verbatim, the image needs to add value to your post.

3. Give proper photo credit to images that are not your own.

4. When participating in group discussions, make it about the other person and add value do not spam the group with all your goodies!

5. When you request a connection with someone be sure to include a personalized message. 
Social Media is about connecting. If you are walking down the street and you stop someone you tell them why you are stopping them right? So please do the same when you are reaching out via social media so we can make good solid connections, not wonder if the person is stalking us or has other intentions.  Make it easy for them to invite you into their circle!

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