7 Quick Hits to Getting More Likes for Your FB Business Page


When looking to up your “likes” on FB always keep in mind your own personal reasons for liking other business pages.  If you are just playing a numbers game going by the rule of reciprocation, “I’ll like yours if you like mine” like you did when you were in school that is all you will get.  How frustrating is it to just be liking pages and requesting other likes in addition to all the other work in your business as well as providing content to those that have liked in hopes that maybe just maybe you are going to get a super fan that converts to a sale!  Whew…no wonder many business owners feel that social media is too hard and in general overwhelming for the returns on their time and talent.

Instead, let’s make sure we are in the game of extending our brand by attracting a loyal group of followers that keep us top of mind and have a great sense of who we are what we do as business owners because of how and what we share on our FB Page.

These quick 7 tips will be sure you are in the position to get more views on your FB Page and convince them to give you an opportunity to relate with you.

1)      Engage in other areas of FB not just your personal and business page to gain more exposure.

2)      Include your FB Page Link in your email signature.

3)      When connecting on other social media platforms share your FB Fan Page for additional ways to stay in touch.

4)      Include FB Page Name on business cards

5)      Include FB button on website to make connection on FB simple.

6)      Directly invite friends that would be truly interested in your business to like your page.

7)      Make sure your profile is complete so people are informed and know what they are liking.

Quickly get these items in place so you are ready for phase 2, The Strategic Steps to Getting More Likes for FB Business Page.

To more quality likes on your business page!