Writer's Block Be Gone


Writer's block seems to be a nuisance for many recently as there has been an uptick in questions to me on this topic. In one-off circumstances, I have been providing tips and tricks to move beyond writer's block and create the content that will capture the most engagement.

In supporting everyone else, I have felt a bit of writer's block come on myself. To burst through the wall I figured it would be best to collect the tips and tricks I share with others so I too can move through this stuck in the mud place.

The answer is to make your writing a consistent part of your weekly schedule and it will become a habit for you. Your willingness to do it as well as creative muscles will grow.  The next two sections provide a proven process to keep your content creation consistent and writer's block only a minor setback.

Making time for content creation.

  1. Schedule time for day dreaming. 
  2. Complete day dream list, by capturing all the possible topics that can be made into long or short content. If an idea strikes outside of this scheduled time write it down on your blog idea list.
  3. Schedule time to write first drafts. 
  4. Write without editing. Let your mind flow so the creativity is at its best.
  5. Schedule time to edit drafted content.
  6. Edit content as if you are writing for your ideal client.
  7. Put content and associated images together for posting.
  8. Publish or post your content consistently.

What if you are unable to write when the scheduled time arrives? Defeat writer's block with these strategies.

  1. Start writing whatever is going through your head, this will get the brain and creativity moving often leading you to on topic content.
  2. Create the image that you have in mind for the content topic to begin the flow of the article.
  3. Listen to a song that invokes your creativity.
  4. Walk away from your writing for a few minutes with deep breaths to literally clear your mind.
  5. Drink some water.
  6. Complete a few jumping jacks or dance moves to literally shake up your mind and muscles.
  7. Check in with yourself and see if the time you scheduled is not ideal because it is not the most creative time of your day?

You just added two more tools your business building kit which will move you towards an attractive online presence because you are consistently putting out stellar content sharing your expertise.  Pay it forward and spread the word by sharing this post with other business owners. At minimum, leave a comment to let us know of any other steps that keep your own content consistently published and/or you out of writer's block jail.

To your writing success!