Show and Tell!

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Show and tell was a popular activity in school and remains popular as I move through the business world. A picture is worth a 1,000 words and in the world of social media they also capture most of the attention. Insert panic face because I know you are thinking, how can I come up with enough engaging images to post daily?

Stay with me, I got you covered. We stare at screens all day so we crave a relationship beyond the word smithed email and text message. So if we are going to continue to look, we want to have fun. Lifting the mysterious veil of your computer is a great way to offer some fun. As you move through your day, capture photos that can be shared with fans and they will know who they are supporting. Another reason to let them behind the scenes is that ideal clients will self-select when they know more about you.

To further explain, I provide three different content ideas that can be used for most, if not all businesses. I matched each content concept with at least 5 image ideas. 

Creating a product.        
    Picture of you procuring the materials.
    Picture of the product in progress.
    Prototype Picture & After Picture
    Picture of the testing/testers
    Screenshot of the testimonials from the first users

Event Promotion        
    Picture of the venue.
    Picture of the invitation.
    Picture of setup.
    Picture of the event in progress
    Selfie with the last participants of the night
    Picture of the presenter
    Picture of a quote from presentation
    BONUS: Presenter’s Picture with their quote

Behind the scenes
    Picture of your morning breakfast smoothie or latte
    Employee spotlight photo
    Show off your animal staff members in their support roles
    Picture of your office or favorite office feature
    Picture of you + client, vendor, strategic partner (even if via video conference)
    Picture of company transportation
    Top 10 Songs that spur greatest work efforts
    Pictures of quotes around the office
    Pictures of staff meetings
    Pictures of your desk or working materials
    Picture of Staff uniforms/attire

Do you see what I just did there? I gave you a week plus, worth of content for each idea! 

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