Harness Your Creative Energy To Build Business

Creative people are always thinking of new project ideas. It can feel like one project is never complete before the next one gets started. Don't stop that natural tendency instead check out how to keep your natural flow of ideas and use them for good, fresh business growth!

1) Make it a habit to capture your ideas as and when they come. Top leaders developed this habit early on. Check out Sir Richard Branson’s thoughts on keeping track of ideas wherever and whenever. 

"I keep a notebook with me at all times, and write down every thought that might come in handy later." – Sir Richard Branson 

Keeping a journal with you at all times allows you to not only honor the constant natural flow of your consciousness but also give the ideas a nice place to land and settle for a while. Purchase a notebook/journal that can fit in most of your bags and/or pockets and is really inviting and worthy of YOUR creative ideas.

Let me guess you have just received inspiration to create your own journal, embellish one to make it more your style or start from scratch and decorate the cover of a plain one. You may even be thinking of adding designs to the pages inside. See I know you are inclined to easily be inspired to add more creative projects to your list! That is o.k. for this one though make it quick so you can get back to business building!

Once you have deemed a journal fit for your creativity. Dedicate the journal by noting in the front inside cover that this journal will be a safe place for your creative energy to stay while you continue working on current projects. As you have ideas throughout the day or night, list them and any necessary details or pictures then return your current project.

When able, review the ideas and determine if they were merely exciting dribbles or solid ideas that warrant a plan to implement. If they are castaways draw a simple line through them. If they are winners and move you towards your business goals then move them from your creative journal to your project list and move forward with them.

2) Pay it forward, share your creativity to support other businesses. If you realize your list has some ideas not aligned with your vision but can still be rocking revenue generating ideas for someone else, don’t discard them! Maybe you share with a friend who is in business, a strategic partner or perhaps it is a competitor. Your generosity fulfills the desire many of us have to help others and will be returned to you at some point. Stand back and let the person you shared with execute the idea. If however, you just cannot let go, work out an agreement to co-create the implementation of the idea. This can release some of the activities that might have pulled you away all together yet still include you in the results of the creative idea that was sparked inside you.

3) Focus or rechannel your creative energy on the marketing portion of your current project. Think of ways to make your current project stand out among the noise of other competing products. Maybe you can create a poster, or perhaps a song that highlights your newest product? What other ways can you share your work that has not been done before or can have your unique spin? These ideas will not only grab more attention for your work but your marketing skills will also be noticed and you could turn that into another revenue stream.

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