Move through the fog towards your vision!

I was navigating myself through the back roads to my rural home last night and it was quite scary! There were times where the wet pavement and fog created a scene like I was driving on water. Other times the fog was so thick I thought I would just have to stop my travels and wait for the weather to change. I proceeded with extreme caution and made it home safely, whew.

I realized this is what it has felt like over the past five years for me. A feeling like there was a bigger picture or vision but not realizing how to reach that vision. I look back and see that it was a journey that included totally putting on the brakes and resigning to the current state feeling like someday I would figure it all out. Other times I recall pushing, pushing and pushing some more to try and define my vision or align it with the current circumstances only to find out that was not really the vision I had in my heart. I also remember taking very cautious baby steps to feel out some ideas that seemed to refine my vision only to realize they too were just not right.

Then I began to focus more on the journey and journaling my way through this fog that seemed to settle even though I continued with an outwardly appearing successful life. I was introduced to the Journaling By The Moonlight process by Tina M. Games and realized that this was a journey and taking notice of the various events allow me to connect the dots. I realized how important this journaling had been to defining, refining and aligning my vision so when she released the option to become a facilitator in the Journaling By The Moonlight process I was able to notice how it fit into my vision and began working with her closely on my own journey through the process.

Through the self-discovery process it was beautiful to remove the layers of 'shoulds' and other expectations and realize the light that shined inside was that of a creative visionary. I get and give energy when I am speaking to someone and identify what their vision is even if they do not yet see it. Something I do every day with people turns into being my gift and purpose to the world.

How would you feel to be able to uncover your vision and realize your highest potential?
I believe that we all have a vision of what we want out of our lives and that we can take steps instantly to begin to make the vision reality. I am on a mission to support as many people to see, feel and live their visions today - removing someday from our vocabulary. That is why I put together an introduction to journal writing and vision work with Uncover Your Vision By The Light Of The Moon. During this 90 minute activation session we will define:

  • What vision you are seeing for yourself and want to bring to light.
  • How you vision wants to come to light.
  • Why it is important to bring this vision into light this year and the impact that it will make.

If you are ready to clear the fog and gain clarity around your vision that could transform your life like mine, I would be honored to work with you. Even if you have your vision but feel it needs to be refined or aligned again please consider this workshop. I would also be glad to discuss more about visioning and can be reached at