Why a Creative + Practical Business Plan Retreat?

Coming from a past with the limiting belief that there is ‘either, or’ and longing for more ‘and’ possibilities in my life, I came up with the best of both worlds when putting together a recent business plan. Much of the goal setting or business planning I have done in my past has be bone dry boring. That is one of the many reasons I have not really stuck with my goals or plans because they didn’t really motivate me. Instead it was just filling in a template to check the box and say I did it followed by why am I not doing what I said I would be doing?

I learned through that self-discovery I have been craving more creativity and fun in my business and life. I have been able to make this happen through a series of programs including Journaling By The Moonlight, New Moon Wisdom Circle, Instagram and Facebook Challenges, Art Classes, Mastermind Groups and other activities like personal spontaneous dance parties.

In doing so, I have incorporated some of the activities or adapted them to take my business in a more creative path while remaining practical. As I continue to work with clients in one portion of their business it has become clear that many created their business from their passionate heart centered selves. They move forward based on the plan that is in their heart. Nothing is wrong with that as I will admit that much of my first year in business was also led by heart. The lack of a plan though leaves us very reactive instead of proactive stunting the growth of any entrepreneur. When a plan is created a level of flexibility and accountability are included so as not to push a creative into a strict format that is less than desirable for their free form hearts.

While searching for more ‘and’ possibilities, I have realized that I have a unique ability to bring together organization and creativity, also known as, an organized creative.  This has prompted me to create tools and templates that put together a creative and practical business plan that anyone would love to stick with throughout the year. To have even more fun with these tools I thought about the benefits of creating a group to move through creating these plans in a mastermind setting. How beneficial is it to learn from the other business owners what has worked for them so you can jump straight to their success saving time or avoid the costly implementations they encountered saving money. Already two wins heading into the New Year. 

In addition to the Mastermind, the half day virtual retreat will take a look back at 2014 capturing lessons learned, creatively set intentions for 2015, schedule projects, marketing, financials for 2015, translate that into a one page strategy, review how to use and stick with the plan by creating an accountability plan and tracker.

My intention is that you will walk away with a much clearer understanding about your 2014 year in business and a creative and practical plan for 2015 that provides you with confidence of knowing where you’re going next year. All of this will provide peace of mind because you have chosen to be proactive. I intend to make this an enlightening time spent creatively working on your business while attracting inspiration into your 2015 business plan. Ready to create more than the traditional boring business plan? Then check out the event. Registration is open and your seat is waiting for you!