10 Ways to take it easy + be productive through the Holidays.


Unplugging is best but if you are like me and want to seize some of the down time to keep the momentum going into 2015 checkout these 10 tips. They are actually planned so you can do one a day for the last two weeks of December! 

  1. Complete your year in review for business and personal life.

  2. Make a list of all the people you want to connect with in 2015 for potential collaborations. (Dream BIG here.)

  3. List the five words you would want to see in testimonials this year?

  4. When will you take time off next year? (Think about weddings, vacations, new addition to the family, a business conference.) Put those in your calendar now!

  5. Update your 'About' section on your website now that you have an additional year of experience!

  6. Make sure all your social media bios have your current website link.

  7. Declutter your email; file, delegate or delete.

  8. Create an accountability plan. Learn more with this FREE give-a-way!

  9. Create your networking follow-up template to be used after each networking event in 2015 because fortune is in the follow-up!

  10. Send a private or direct message of thanks to the social media followers that engaged with you most to thank them for that support.

Whether you do these now or save them for your early January kick-start they are great quick activities that will get you moving forward into the prosperous New Year we all desire!
What productive activities do you save for the slower Holiday months?


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