Create YOUR Someday Today 

I speak with so many Creatives that get excited about a project or goal and go for it and then stop because they get overwhelmed with all the things that are required to make it happen! It's one of those two steps forward and ten steps back situations that they so often find themselves in.

The project or goal gets moved to the ‘someday zone’ all because of detail dilemma.

So let me tell you the truth… Your impact and income does NOT grow in the ‘someday zone’ which is why I have the perfect plan to move you away from someday and get back to making your project happen today.

What if you had a plan that provided direction on where to focus now and the next few steps? That could change your impact and income pretty quickly right?

That’s exactly why you are in the right place and this plan will not only guide you but provide the focus.

In this plan you will
-Determine which Someday Goal is ready to increase your impact and income today.

-Learn how to make your Someday Goal happen today alongside your current workload.

-See how to easily create a one-page plan to help you get and stay laser focused on achieving your Someday Goal.

-Get a free copy of the “Someday Eradicator Worksheet” and the “Accountability Plan”.

-Also included is a supportive FB Community, quick videos (less than 5 minutes)

-BONUS: Personal check-in and feedback from me to keep you accountable and moving today!

Do not put this off until someday, sign-up today and get the direction you need to eradicate someday today.

Someday Eradicator Challenge Final Graphic_withoutdate.png

What Will Be Covered?

Someday Eradicator Challenge provides five steps that identify 

  • Your Someday Goal with the highest priority
  • What activities need to occur to reach that Someday Goal, today
  • How to keep accountable and successful
  • A simple way to keep it all in one place for easy reference.

Each step you are coached by me in videos that are less than five minutes each! Yes that’s right, this is a proven system that allows you to get your priority and direction down in 20 minutes a day for five days or in less than two hours in one session, it’s up to you how ready you are to get your strategy in place!