Need a break from the day to day doing so you can connect with who you really want to be?

Tired of fulfilling the shoulds and ready to seek and find the true desires of YOU?

Do you find yourself saying if I could just have 15 minutes of 'me' time I could rest and recharge?

Are you looking for an outlet to release some of the weight you have been carrying around so you can hear that inner guidance that holds all the answers?

I hear you screaming YES to all of the above. So I invite you to let me guide you over the next 7 days only taking up 15 -25 minutes of your precious time to pause for some reflection and creative action.

The benefits of these 15 creative minutes a day are instant and include relief from overwhelm, clarity, mindfulness, confidence, courage and the overall increased satisfaction of life!

I know because I have been there as a corporate career woman, mother to a young child, wife, leader, sister, daughter, volunteer and the many other hats we so gracefully wear throughout our life purpose journey. I was searching for the answer to be able to balance it all because that is what I was told I should do. I was looking for ways to be fulfilled because giving of myself in those myriad of ways did not make the cut for me. The seemingly successful life I had still left me feeling less than successful.

If the answers are inside I sure could not figure out how to reveal them and that got frustrating. After seeking support from many others, I started getting connected when I was creating. Whether it be a simple as a doodle with my daughter, a new beaded jewelry piece or when I was painting the base for my mixed media pieces, the inside voice became very clear and so did the answers I was seeking! Eureka...I create to relate!

I want to save you some time, therapy bills and other monetary investments and give you the gift of finally getting to the heart of your self-discovery journey these next seven days in this FREE course. You will receive an image + reflection on the image + action to infuse your creativity every day. 

This is a quick way to step into a daily creative practice and reap the benefits that will have you craving for more! Regisration below allows immediate access to day 1 and invites you to start connecting and creating right away. -kaira


Yes! I am ready to start the Creative Path to Self-Discovery!

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