Kaira Shelton Boston is a business genius!
You took my business to the next level! I owe you BIG TIME Kaira Shelton Boston. I will never forget what your coaching did for me and my business! Until you came a long I couldn’t get there. You were such a big part! I am SO grateful. I love you and what you stand for. I’m forever grateful.
— -Jenny G.
Immediately, working with Kaira my instinct let me know that she was trustworthy and as I worked with her, her guidance with moving me to action was swift. She identified with me a specific goal with set expectations. She helped me to become pro-active instead of reactive regarding using social media to my companies best advantage.
I’m happy to say- Kaira was the kick in the butt- I needed to get out of the fear of being heard through social media.
— Carole DeLaOsa
Carole De La Osa
Paula Boylan Headshot
Kaira has the unique ability to take complex systems and make their implementation intuitive. I was overwhelmed by the various social media platforms, and the most appropriate way to organically post a similar message across the board. I spent an hour with Kaira and it all makes sense to me now. Her system, and her unique way of explaining the intricacies of social media posting saved me time, money and frustration. Thank you Kaira!
— Paula Boylan
Kaira Boston is just amazing! I decided to start working with Kaira because I needed a project manager/assistant to help me with my emails, projects, delegating, etc. I loved that she had lots of project management experience—and she is a master at that! But best of all, my email is finally under control. Client emails are responded to quickly, and emails/projects are put into our system and actioned right away. I couldn’t have grown my business without Kaira’s help! I am spending a lot less time managing my in box and projects and more time on my genius work. I recently turned over my social media marketing to her as well and she is doing a great job with that! Kaira makes me feel like everything is under control and it is—because of her!
— Sharon Broughton
Sharon Broughton Headshot
Jill Perla Headshot
Business is soaring since partnering with Kaira Inc. Juggling multiple balls consistently and effectively over the long haul can be daunting, especially when you are a small business owner like myself. In an effort to take my art business to the next level, I knew there were projects that did not get the attention they deserved! After some consideration, I chose to hire Kaira Inc. as a partner for my social media strategy and implementation. Already, I can see a return on investment. For example, when asked how a new client learned about Designed with Wine, a bi-monthly event I host, they found out via multiple posts on my business Facebook account. If you too are ready to soar, I recommend highly, Kaira Inc.
— Jill Perla