I get you. You’re a solopreneur with the next best idea for your business and clients yet you are too busy maintaining status quo to figure out how to bring this idea to life!

You want to be able to build your business, with your ideas, not with the ideas everyone else is using. However your confidence to put together that structure and stick with your idea is low because you’re easily excited by the next idea you generate (or the next shiny object you see).

It pains me to see the glimmer in one’s eye when they have an awesome business building idea but allow it fall down their cheek as a tear because they don’t see any possibility in making it happen. Physically the idea rolls down their cheek but it never really leaves them. Then another idea is birthed and another and with that comes a little confidence but the day to day business keeps the ideas swirling and twirling instead of making it to the world to impact those that need it most.

That’s why I’ve created the Idea to Implementation (I2I) Intensive!

Who’s I2I for:

  • You keep moving the awesome idea you have to solve your client’s problem to next week’s to do list because you aren’t able to build it out and make it happen due to your to do list that is already an arm long.
  • Your ideas are great but they spin around in your head for long so you lose confidence in executing them and therefore can’t seem to make this the sustainable business you desire.
  • You know consistency and focus are crucial for achieving the results you want, but you need a plan and a schedule that call for these times with a side of flexibility thrown in, and you need someone that understands the innovative brain to help you make that happen.

Who I2I is not for:

  • Those that have their big vision solidified and the plan to make it reality
  • Those that are enjoying running their business by the seat of their pants
  • Those whose vision does not include making an impact

In this I2I Intensive you will get:

  • 2 hour session, recorded
  • Clarity and Cohesion of your Big Picture Vision so that you may have peace of mind that your business will grow and so will your desired impact.
  • Big Picture Plan with timeline and resources built in to ensure you can sustain your current business while building out a new idea that will extend your business.
  • Accountability Plan and Confidence to make it happen so that you stay on track, execute on what we’ve created and feel good doing it.

Why I am the perfect person to help you?

I have over 12 years of experience taking others ideas and budgets and implementing the idea to meet the objectives set out for the project. I have also done the same with my own side project of having an idea to show my mixed media art in a show and made the idea happen this year. From idea to standing in the rain on the last day of the show while also working full time, being a mom, wife, business owner, leader this show happened. So yes, I have what it takes to pull the idea together, plan the steps, mitigate the risks, hold myself accountable, gather resources and see the idea make it to reality.

I meet people where they are and take them to where they want to go which most often is to their next most profitable step. So will we be meeting?