Congratulations social media is in your marketing mix, now what?

Are you posting with purpose or do you post just to say you did?
Do you post consistently but get little to no response?

Is your important message ready for the world but not sure how to share it on social media?
Does your offline marketing rock but sharing on social media makes you freeze?

What if ONE session with me turned your social media efforts into raving fans?

I spent an hour with Kaira and it all makes sense to me now. Her system, and her unique way of explaining the intricacies of social media posting saved me time, money and frustration. Thank you Kaira!”
— Paula Boylan
I chose to hire Kaira as a partner for my social media strategy and implementation. Already, I can see a return on investment. For example, when asked how a new client learned about Designed with Wine, a bi-monthly event I host, they found out via multiple posts on my business Facebook account. If you too are ready to soar, I recommend highly, Kaira.
— Jill Perla

STOP spinning your wheels. Schedule an action packed raving fan attraction session with me today!

This session includes:

  • Phone or Skype Session for an hour to:
    -Discuss my full review & analysis of current social media platforms.
    -Recommendations for areas of improvement and over looked opportunities.

  • One month editorial calendar tailored to your social media goals because it shows you exactly what and when to post as well as follow-up dialogue ideas for further engagement.

  • Unlimited email for one full month.

  • PLUS! You will recieve a business branded graphic which is an image tailored to your business with logo, website and/or social media links.

Kaira helped me to become pro-active instead of reactive regarding using social media to my companies best advantage.
— Carole DeLaOsa

Don't just post to say you posted and
get sucked into the rest of the social media blur.
Stand out and post with purpose!