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I get it. Life is overwhelming. We have our careers, our daily lists, our weekly lists and our yearly goals to accomplish. As hard as it is to stop, taking time to pause and reflect is what we truly need to make mindful decisions to move forward.

Welcome to Creative Layers to Mindfullness (TM), a modern, expressive art workshop that helps you break away from the day-to-day. Think of it like personal development meets your inner artist! It’s a personal process that guides you toward letting go of your perfectionism and anxieties by finding your intuition. My goal is to help you express yourself confidently and bring mindfulness to your busy life.

All art supplies are provided. When you register you will take the first step toward opening your mind through art to clear your path through life!

To find a workshop near you visit the Studio Kaira FB Events Page.

This is a great team building with purpose activity where I bring the studio to your office or off sight location and the theme will focus on your specific team’s challenges. Email Kaira directly to discuss this option, kaira{@}studiokaira{dot}com.

Meet Kaira


I’m a mixed media artist that translates the layers of life, dreams, visions and intention in a layered visual way via color, texture, shapes and words which inspires and motivates clients when they see their art to continue making their impact in the world! In addition, I coach/guide clients through the different life layers with artful exercises and concepts as an expressive art facilitator.

I’ve lived these many layers of life myself and processed them via artful expression. While the medium of the art has changed over my lifetime, the results are the same, I get to hear my inner voice loudest and feel the connection with spirit most when I am in my art practice. Creating art is most definitely for my highest good and I show and share that with others to support them with their own journey’s to be operating to and from their own highest good.

I enjoy studio time and residence back in my hometown Richmond, VA which has a great art vibe! When not creating I spend time with my husband Bill, daughter Delaney and two pups, Luther and Elvis.


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