Do you struggle with perfectionism?

Is your Push for Perfect creating overwhelm instead of momentum? 

Have you tried to get over your perfectionism, but still feel stuck?

If so, join me for a new way to Move through perfectionism So it no longer holds you back

It's time to do more than journal and think your way through and beyond perfectionism so join us in this complimentary workshop where you will receive the panacea to perfectionism.

Come explore tactile experiential ways to stop thinking about beating perfectionism and physically move through your perfectionism tendencies. We will use everyday materials you have at your home or office to work through your perfectionism.

This is not your typical class where you listen the whole time and ask a few questions. Instead you will use your hands and heart to work through the perfectionism that is holding you back.

Your guide, Kaira Boston, is a mixed media artist who not only creates art for collector’s using layers but also provides guidance through the different life layers with artful exercises and concepts.

I can't wait to support YOU on 3/26/18 @ 8pm EDT!

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Give me New Ways to Deal with   PErfectionism

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